JAKO Audit Košice is your professional partner in the world of finance for more than 10 years.


In the Slovak Republic, we provide professional tax and financial consulting services with an extensive knowledge of issues related to natural persons as well as legal entities. Our consultants are qualified to perform tax and financial analysis and prepare a customized solution to a client’s specific situation. We assist companies in their expansion to other European markets and provide consultancies for foreign companies which are opening their business in Slovakia.

Continuous and annual consulting services include:

  • Income Tax
  • Value Added Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Road Tax
  • Consumer Tax
  • Representing a client in tax process

Our clients are:

  • Limited liability companies
  • Stock companies
  • Limited partnership companies
  • Municipalities
  • Non-profit and governmental organizations
  • Public companies

Legal counseling

Business life often brings questions which require legal advice. In cooperation with legal experts we provide consultancies in the business and labor law, copyright and intellectual ownership.

We offer the following services:

  • Preparation of agreement and contract drafts as well as other legal documents,
  • Collection of charges and complaints; enforcement of debts,
  • Consulting services in bankruptcy and settlement,
  • Elaboration of business plan,
  • Execution of legal actions,
  • Arrangement of professional interpretation and translation services,
  • Preparation of documents for the National Labor Office.